Schiller International University


Schiller International University Saksamaa keskus asub 155 000 elanikuga Heidelbergi linnas. Koolil on kokku neli õppekeskust – teised kolm asuvad Floridas, Madridis ja Pariisis. Ühest õppekeskusest on võimalik üle minna teise (eeldusel, et mõlemas keskuses pakutakse seda eriala).


Schiller Heidelberg pakub majutust koolile lähedal asuvates, täielikult möbleeritud

SIU’s Heidelberg campus provides student housing close to the campus in fully furnished micro-apartments and in co-ed shared apartments “WG”.

Micro-apartments consists of a private bathroom, small kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and heating plates. Bedding and linen are provided along with basic necessities for cooking.

Co-Ed shared apartments known as Wohngemeinschaften or “WGs” consist of single rooms in 4 or 5 room apartments. Each student has their own room and share a common kitchen and bath.

To reserve housing for your studies at SIU, please request a housing reservation form from your admissions representative. Once you have paid the reservation fee we will have an apartment ready for you when you start.
To enquire about off-campus housing, please contact Ms. Weuster.

Housing contracts are made on a semester basis and need to be renewed by the student at the end of each term. Students can stay a minimum of one semester in the dorms or for the entire time they are at SIU Heidelberg.

Nearly 60 % of SIU students live in a SIU dormitory. This fosters friendships and makes it easier for students to integrate into the community.

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